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About me

The journey that is pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum as a queer identifying person can be one that presents a multitude of unexpected and expected challenges.

My goal as your Doula is to provide a wide array of services that speak directly to the many issues that individuals outside of the heteronormative world experience firsthand.

As a direct advocate and ally to the queer community, I am largely motivated by the desire to create a body of work which positively radicalises the family construct, and in the process, liberating same sex people and/or couples to build the family of their dreams.

Are you

a pregnant person looking for support from a Doula who has the relevant knowledge, skills and understanding to help you navigate the challenges you are uniquely facing as a queer person in mainstream maternal care?

Are you

and/or your partner feeling confused or overwhelmed by your experience thus far and hoping to find clarity and renewed confidence to carry you through to parenthood?

Are you

a friend, lover or family member planning to support a queer person at a birth and are looking for the right information, guidance and teachings to help you show up in the most effective way possible for them?

Are you

conscious of gaps in the current maternity care system for same sex families and wanting to remain proactively involved in maintaining your autonomy + sense of self?

Most of all, are you looking to create a birth experience that is the embodiment of love and connection, as well as being a total expression of the truest version of you?

My name is Sheridon Byrne and I am a Melbourne Doula offering compassionate, advocacy fuelled support and education in the birth + parenting sphere for people in the LGBTIQA+ community.

My story as a queer woman working in childbirth, psychology, education and training means that I can inject an unparalleled edge of cultural and professional competency into the services that I provide.

Why should that edge matter to you, as a client who is considering hiring a Doula?

Because a Doula who truly understands you,
a Doula who truly sees you,
and a Doula who truly hears you,
is a Doula who can make the most impact on your overall outcome and experiences by being available to support you in a capacity that truly serves you.

sheridon byrne doula midwife
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The broadscope of both the services I provide and the content I create, exists to open up the conversation around care options available to queer people navigating mainstream maternal care models, and to expand on what currently exists, as to challenge the status quo and collectively command change required by our community.

At the heart of everything I do, I am a community worker. Walking alongside marginalised individuals and giving them the tools & language in order to participate and enjoy life as they envision it. I see birth as a whole-of-community issue that needs awareness – increasing advocacy at birth within the queer community is a passion of mine; supporting LGBTIQA+ people through birth is simply an extension of who I am, what I stand for and what lights me up.

I believe that in order for queer people and/or same sex couples to thrive in birth and beyond, it is imperative this work be carried out with intention and conviction.

This is exactly why I am here today and most likely why you have found me.

So welcome, I am very glad you are here and I cannot wait to work alongside you as we smash societal constructs, pioneer the way queer people birth and relish in the joy of building the family of your dreams!