Educating Birth Partners and Non-birthing parents to be a connected presence at birth

My birth partner coaching classes are the ultimate way to inspire & educate those joining you at birth, to be a beacon of connectedness, presence and effective support.

You are most likely inexperienced around the areas of childbirth and breast/chest-feeding or are aware that movies have severely impacted the ways you see birth.

You recognise that your energy, attitude, mindset and presence has the potential to rock someone’s world in the best way or make their birth experience more frustrating than it needs to be.

You are here because you care.

As your Birth Partner Coach I can teach you directly how to amplify your strengths during the course of labour, in order to evoke necessary feelings of safety, warmth and love in the birthing person.

If you are a non-birthing mother, family member, a lover, a partner, an intended parent to a gestational surrogate or an adoptive parent actively witnessing the birth of your child, and wanting the tools, techniques and insight on how to be helpful to the person giving birth – you will want to be a part of this class.

We know that childbirth can be intense, demanding, unpredictable, and even painful, but as an experienced Doula and Birth Coach passionate about creating a positive birth culture for queer people, I have the skills and knowledge to help you make a real difference in the birthing person’s experience.

In My Birth Partner Coaching Classes, We….

  • Debrief any previous birth trauma

  • Identify fear and resistance

  • Learn the physiological stages of birth and how to look out for these stages in a birthing person

  • Strategies to support someone through different and distinct experiences of birth

  • Understanding and developing your role as a witness

  • Mindfulness and presence for birth

  • Unpack your strengths and how to amplify them and put them to use for a birthing person

  • Demystifying the birth climate that exists for the LGBTIQA+ community

  • Learning important language to help the birthing person advocate for their autonomy and identity

Sessions are tailored for your individual circumstances and can include the birthing person and all birth support team members should that be requested.

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