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In 2014 I certified with Dial a Doula in Melbourne. Since then, I have gone on to work with some of the most incredible families of all persuasions. I am passionate about diversity and this translates beautifully into the body of work I am creating.

I love to learn about people and who they are at their core. In the most challenging parts of childbirth, a special opportunity exists for humans to transform themselves. In those precise moments when they might not feel like they have it in them to go on, an unshakeable resilience is born – the kind that will keep them grounded and thriving as they tackle parenthood.

As your birth Doula, I would strive to facilitate this exact transformation by creating a space for you to come into your full power, in a way that feels aligned to your most authentic self.

Being a witness and actively loving on those I work with is an incredible honour. In 2017 I made a decision to work specifically with families who identify as Queer. I was deeply affected by what I saw of the experiences lived by my LGBTIQA+ community through the marriage survey, including the ways their families were targeted through hate speech and discrimination – I vowed then to never be complacent in that climate and do what I could to improve the scenario.

Queer parent and family health, vitality, visibility and sustainability is everything to me; this is precisely why I am so motivated to create long lasting and impactful work in this arena.

My story


My reverence for birth started with the story of my niece being born. Watching her enter this world and holding her mere moments after that entrance was an absolute and total game changer for me. I swear that she telepathically spoke to me as I felt connected to her in a way that shook me to the core. I had no idea that a newborn baby’s presence could be so intimidating. I recognised within me that it took a special person who was truly respectful of such a moment to work within the birth space – I knew it in my bones that I had what it took to do that very thing.

I don’t have a lived experience of giving birth.

I have no children and I have not carried a baby to full-term.

This is not something you would typically expect from a birth Doula, but it is what I consider my super power.

What this means is that I come to you as a clean slate.

I bring no agenda to your birth because I don’t have any part of my own birth story that I need to heal or reconcile.

I come to be with you and offer 100% of me!

sheridon byrne queer birth

My support

By applying similar approaches from my professional experiences in social work, I am able to provide an individualised and tailored level of care that comes from a focused assessment of you and your partner, family and/or community’s needs.

I will help you alchemise any existing fears into presence and power that you can utilise during the course of your intrapartum experience. You will leave each interaction with me not only armed with practical strategies to mitigate the unexpected, but a positively supercharged mindset that will leave you ready to tackle the unexpected, too.

My packages include an array of antepartum and postpartum meetings, as well as full emotional and physical support for the duration of your labour and birth. Radiating with energy and brimming with warmth, these meetings are a complete reflection of everything I hope to inspire in and out of the birth space.

In these moments we share, I bring a vision that echoes through each conversation we have. Whether it be motivating your lover, family or friend to be the most wonderful birth partner ever, engaging you with my unique blend of modern childbirth education, or inspiring you to assert your identity within mainstream maternal care – hiring me as your birth Doula means you have the finest brand of conviction, compassion, advocacy and queer power vibrations in your corner.

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Strength & Strategy
Based Birth Planning

The piece de resistance of birth experience manifestation.


I’m sure you’ve noticed, when it comes to pregnancy and birth, there is an overabundance of information available to you wherever you look.

Unsolicited opinions.
Online forums.
Facebook memes.
Evidence based research.
Personal stories.
Imposed belief systems.
Professional advice.

Let’s be honest – these days and in this climate, it’s easier to be overwhelmed than it is to be empowered.
Antenatal support melbourne

This is exactly why manifesting your dream birth and postpartum experience is going to take a lot more than a few Google searches & a template you downloaded from the internet.

Manifesting your reality requires you to do two things – envision & take the kind of action that moves you towards realisation of that vision. The tricky thing about this logic is that if you have yet to birth before, or you have experienced a negative first experience, manifesting from a place of uncertainty and fear just doesn’t deliver on the sort of results you are hoping for. Following this train of thought, creating a copy + paste birth plan from a place of unknown, uncertainty and fear just isn’t an efficient way of establishing or communicating your needs, either.

As a queer person with needs specific to you individually, my strength & strategy based birth planning sessions are an immeasurably valuable way of working towards a desired outcome by honing in on your own strengths & assets, all the while calling on the powers of relationship and support between you and your chosen care providers.

While most birth plans walk you through a list of items and/or options relevant to your care model’s policies and protocols, my sessions take several factors into account as to ground you in the belief that you always remain the expert of your body and are in charge of your life.

You get to decide how you feel.
  • What does the journey towards building the queer family of your dreams look like?

  • What kind of birth story are you dreaming up?

  • What assets in your personal, social and community spheres can you tap into to help you negotiate your care confidently so to achieve your desired outcome?

My strength & strategy based birth planning sessions are typically between 2 to 4 hours, run in the comfort of your own home or favourite cafe, and can include the non-birthing or birthing person, the birth partner, and/or the whole birthing team.

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Sheridon’s support is so far reaching- my partner and I gained a deeper intimacy and trust in each other to ‘show up’ for any big thing – including birth and beyond. Which is great because having a newborn is a wild ride.

Looking for a creme-de-la-creme Queer Doula Experience?

Let me take everything I know, everything I believe in passionately, everything I stand for, everything I live for, and marry it, in total humility & conviction, to the story that is you designing and/or birthing the family of your dreams.

If you are currently looking for tailored birth Doula support that is going to uplevel your experience, all the while uplifting the LGBTIQA+ community – I’m your gal.

Whether you’ve walked in the world as a same-sex attracted woman or you’re bi, butch, fat, trans or gender fluid – you’ve already done the hard yards to know your strengths and where you could possibly be triggered or disappointed.

The world has already required you to do the unrelenting work of figuring out who you are and commanding your bodily autonomy, space and worth.

You know you have the strength it takes to tackle the emotional and physical challenges of birth because you’ve thrived in a world that hasn’t always seen you or valued you.

You don’t want to be asked embarrassing or insensitive questions about your body, your relationship/s or your family.

You want to be seen for the powerful creator you are.

You want more than anything to be respected as an individual and provided with a range of options that speak directly to the best interest of you and/or your family.

You are being proactive about the energy you invite into your space so that you feel safe & empowered when the time comes.

As your dedicated birth Doula – I can help you to achieve these things and more.

  • By believing in you, as a capable queer person.

  • By believing in your abilities to achieve what you want most in and beyond the birth space.

  • By affirming that you are worth all the support you receive.

  • By being emotionally and physically available to support, coach and bring you comfort during labour and birth.

  • By arming you with techniques, strategies and skills to keep you calm, focused, and motivated, irregardless of what challenges present themselves.

Are you in Melbourne and curious as to how we might work together to build the family of your dreams?

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