I was happy to chat with Doctor Erin Bowe, a Clinical & Perinatal Psychologist who provides birth trauma training to doulas.

Some of the topics we cover in the podcast include:

  • Learning about diversity is a win/win. It’s joyful and reminds us of our core values about equality, love and humanity.
  • We need more than just whacking up a rainbow sticker. How does it feel when you navigate the world not knowing if you are welcome or not
  • How to bring an intersectional lens to your work remembering that LGBTQIA+ families are still grappling with erasure, pathologising and loads of intergenerational trauma
  • Joy is a killer of fear. Removing fear in birth is a win/win
  • Language is a moveable feast – It’s not about being ‘right’. It’s about being open, reflective and allowing the birthing person and their family to guide us in what they need.
  • You can be an expert in your field but you’re not an expert on your client’s experience. It’s not yours to be an expert in.
  • To think about lifelong learning versus being “done” with training
  • How to work with burnout

Listen now: